Cloud Audits

We offer a wide range of auditing solutions.

Architecture Audit

We will carefully examine how the existing services and components of your system communicate with each other and how the communication can be made more efficient. Choose the right tools for computing, integrations, data storage, and cloud management.

Data Security Audit

Are you wondering how safe your cloud environment is? We will assess your cloud environment and report on problems and propose corrective measures. We will work with your service providers to provide safer solutions.

Optimisation Audit

The Optimisation Audit includes moving services to the cloud and squeezing the max out of selected services. We will ensure that your cloud environment scales both horizontally and vertically, and we will ensure that the environment functions efficiently.

Cost-Efficiency Audit

Poorly designed or adjusted solutions can cause extra costs during maintenance and operation. Choose the Cost-Efficiency Audit to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of your cloud services.

Hybrid Solutions

Hybrid solutions combine local, private and public cloud solutions to maximise flexibility. We move workloads between private and public clouds according to your needs and cost requirements. In this way, we can improve flexibility and consider various options for data retention.

Maintenance Services

Shift towards buying services instead of doing everything yourself. Let us take care of your maintenance and upgrade routines so you can focus on your own business and its development and leave the tools to us.

Data Management

Whether your data is made up of millions or billions of lines, we have the necessary experience to manage them. We work with both relational and NoSQL databases and ensure that your data architecture and data flows are optimal.

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