Cloud Services

Wapice has a long history of infrastructure services. We have pioneered in digitalization since 2006 by providing our clients with private cloud services. Nowadays, our focus is on public clouds, but we still offer on-premise solutions for many industrial clients with specific security and safety requirements.

Cloud Services

Today, the use of cloud services is standard practice for providing digital services on a local and global scale. We help our clients avoid potential pitfalls by offering a comprehensive provision of cloud services.

We ensure that the client’s cloud architectures are designed and implemented in a cost-effective manner and that their maintenance is easy and transparent. We build solutions that account for the client’s needs in terms of scalability, and we are able to design solutions that do not tie the client to a particular cloud service provider.

Wapice helps you get the best of both worlds, on-premise and cloud solutions, not forgetting hybrid solutions. We will help you to optimise your life-cycle and investment costs.

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Cloud Management

  • Operational design, setup and implementation
  • On-premise integration to clouds – Virtual Private Cloud
  • Migrations on-premise to cloud
  • Cloud automation - Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • DevOps culture and practices as well as DevOps capacity
  • Run cloud optimally – costs, security and lifecycle
  • Disaster recovery and Continuity
  • Cloud Architectures
  • Cloud Security

Not only one cloud - we support Azure, Heroku, AWS, IBM BlueMix, Google Cloud Platform, Wapice private cloud and mix of them – hybrid clouds

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Cloud software development

  • Application architectures which support both cloud and non-cloud hosting
  • Use of cloud vendor specific services, when optimal
  • Cloud native and without cloud vendor locking
  • Serverless
  • Microservices and Orchestration
  • Scalable (from laptop to geo)

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  • apache hbase

  • cassandra

  • cloud foundry

  • docker

  • elastic search

  • hadoop

  • hive

  • kafka

  • kibarna

  • kubernetes

  • spark

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