Cloud Services

Focus on Your Vision

We offer experienced and versatile expertise in different cloud environments and build solutions that suit your needs and easily adapt to future requirements.

Secure Cloud Services Effortlessly

With the help of high-quality cloud services, your business ideas can be turned into production faster, ensuring that the resources are used by the right people at the right time – and, above all, more effortlessly.

No worries – our mission is to ensure that cloud services are designed and built safely and cost-effectively, also taking into account effortless and transparent automated maintenance.

Cloud experts

We implement solutions for small and large companies, take into account the needs of customers regarding scalability, and are able to design solutions that do not chain the customer to a specific cloud service provider.

Wapice helps leverage the best cloud solutions, such as local cloud, hybrid solutions and multi-cloud solutions. In addition, we help you optimise data security, lifecycle and investment costs.

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We support several different cloud services, including Microsoft Azure, AWS, Alibaba, Heroku and Google Cloud. We are also able to offer private cloud services using our own data centres in Finland.

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We ensure compliance with data security standards (e.g. FFIEC, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO/IEC2 7001, CIS Benchmark and SOC2.) for modern cloud services and automate continuous data security testing in the DevSecOps pipeline.

Benefits to Customers

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Complete Control Over the Environment

Application development in the cloud enables comprehensive management of the environment with agile methods that automate environment setup using code placed in version control (Infrastructure as Code). This makes it easy for an individual developer to get an overall picture of how the different parts of the application communicate with each other and what the main components of the service are – this is the starting point for modern cloud-based data security.

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Cost Savings

Dynamic scaling of cloud services reduces costs. When the service is used less, the capacity of the environment can be reduced. Similarly, when the service is used more, the efficiency of the environment can be increased. The scaling of the environment can take place automatically or with a few mouse clicks. It is no longer necessary to spend so much time maintaining and updating the environment, and expertise can be targeted more effectively.

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Fast and Automated Environment Creation

Traditional IT features can be turned into programmable resources that save time spent communicating between people. This allows for quick environment deployment and removal.

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No Start-Up Costs

There will be no costs until the environment is used, and the cloud infrastructure can be made to scale automatically. It is also possible to adopt a serverless model where you only pay when jobs are run on the server. In the serverless model, you only pay for CPU cycles and request volumes.

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Easy Concept Creation

Testing various concepts is fast in the cloud. This enables dynamic and rapid development.

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Data Security

Modern clouds are large entities that provide a good technical starting point for implementing data security. Security can be achieved when it is taken into account throughout the lifecycle of the service and the security features are used correctly.