Connect your building automation and control system to the Internet of Things

Article published previously on Wapice's IoT-TICKET -product's blog.

We are pleased to announce our IoT-TICKET BACnet Gateway App with which a user can easily monitor buildings remotely. Within seconds a complete building can be connected to the Internet of Things - Just connect a PC to the BACnet network and run the IoT-TICKET BACnet Gateway App. After that available data will be automatically discovered and can then be transferred to our big-data and analytics enabled platform to identify improvement potentials and roll them out to your customers.

BACnet was designed to allow communication of building automation and control systems for applications such as heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning control, lighting control, access control, and fire detection systems and their associated equipment. The BACnet protocol provides mechanisms for computerized building automation devices to exchange information, regardless of the particular building service they perform. Proper communication between building automation devices is critical for maximizing building energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and other aspects of "green" buildings.

Contact your IoT-TICKET sales representative for obtaining the BACNET Gateway App.