Enabling rapid IoT-prototyping

Article published previously on Wapice's IoT-TICKET -product's blog.

The Internet of Things (IoT) enables new service possibilities to save costs, increase sales or improve the operational health and safety record. Utilizing IoT-TICKET it is not just easy to connect existing machines and devices – it is also very fast to prototype new business processes and models.

Let those who are closest to the customer (e.g. service experts or field personnel) prototype their ideas fast and easily without any programming knowledge. If permitted, they can create and deploy content (dashboards, reports, notifications) and thus very quickly iterate through different digitization and monetization possibilities. This way various scenarios can be tried out in minutes:

  • Idea: Thinking about how you can make your customers life easier, save costs, increase sales or improve safety related aspects – there are likely many things that come to your mind. Start sketching a promise that you can deliver to your customers or stakeholders.
  • Define your promise: Check what data you have and what you would need – if something is missing, IoT-TICKET has super easy ways to acquire data. Intuitively create dashboard layouts or reports by drag and drop in minutes.
  • Deliver: Once your machines and devices are hooked up to IoT-TICKET, just attach their data tags to the user interface created during the definition phase – more complex processes can be modelled in the web based data-flow editor. By one click you can then deploy your solution.
  • Track your promise: After everything is deployed and running don’t forget to track your promise – visualize the performance and show it to your customers and stakeholders (e.g. energy savings, utilization, capacity, etc.)

This process can be repeated many times and allows industrial companies to take small steps towards enabling their Internet of Things strategy. IoT-TICKET enables rapid prototyping and provides a complete toolbox for novice and advanced IoT users. Contact your IoT-TICKET sales representative to learn more about IoT-TICKET.