Connect your automation or production system to the Internet of Things

Article published previously on Wapice's IoT-TICKET -product's blog.

Start leveraging your automation or production system by using IoT-TICKET to enable new customer benefits. It’s easy – works right out of the box and is up and running within seconds. Create reports and dashboards to track KPI and other performance data or monitor the condition of your assets remotely. Within seconds you can connect your existing system to our big data and analytics enabled platform to identify improvement potentials and roll them out to your customers.

Download the OPC DA App and install it on the same PC where your automation or production OPC server is located. With 3 clicks you can share all available information to IoT-TICKET and use your data tags. In case you are using OPC UA, just define the local server endpoint in the Enterprise Manager. Again, with a couple of clicks, all data is available in IoT-TICKET. Both OPC DA and OPC UA are available to our customers. Contact your IoT-TICKET sales representative to learn more about this feature.

OPC DA and OPC UA are industry standards widely used in automation and production systems. We support these data acquisition methods among many other protocols – find out more about the data acquisition possibilities here.