Energy Services with IoT and AI

Wapice's remote monitoring services for energy production and distribution

Especially in distributed production, collecting, harmonizing, and providing a real-time situational status information of different production units has become increasingly important as energy prices rise.

Developing the monitoring of the electricity and district heating distribution network in the direction of proactive monitoring enables a more cost-effective use of maintenance resources. Another important factor is improving the quality of distribution by reducing unexpected distribution interruptions and scheduling planned maintenance interruptions in advance.

Wapice's energy optimization (AI/ML), energy saving online services

The ever greater daily and seasonal fluctuations in energy prices increasingly influence when it is worth producing, buying, and selling energy. When the rapidly growing renewable energy, such as wind and solar energy, changes in the production level depending on the seasons and weather conditions are included, the optimization of production, purchase, sales, and storage will have an even greater importance for the industry's profitability in the future.

In particular, the sufficiency of electric energy in Finland next winter and perhaps in the longer term is uncertain. The market price of electricity itself directs both industry and private households to energy saving measures, however, tools are also needed to activate all energy consumers to reduce energy consumption.

Wapice's security and Identity Access Management (IAM) services

  • Security services: risk analyses, security reviews and security solutions
  • IAM services: user registration, identification, authorization, and representation

One of the basic elements of the secure use of production, distribution and sales systems is the login and registration services that control all user groups, both in your own organization as well as in the customer and partner network.