#wapicewellnesshour – one hour per week to promote your own wellbeing!

This year has started briskly and one of the most important things during this year is the well-being of our employees. The difficult corona situation still persists, but despite this we have been constantly devising and developing new ways to promote well-being. The new wellness hour is one of the tools.

To us well-being of our employees means motivation, role expectations, meaningful and interesting tasks, feeling of achievement, workload, team dynamics, career and competence development and work-life balance. Thus, well-being at work is not just an individual part or factor, but an entity that starts from the conditions of the workplace and extends to the free time.

In addition to our extensive and comprehensive occupational health services, we constantly strive to consider how well-being could be promoted during the week and workdays as well. When working remotely, the importance of breaks is easily forgotten, and it can be even difficult to leave your own desk. When you do not have to walk or cycle to the office anymore, the amount of exercise can also drop significantly. We thought about ways to get the staff excited to take care of their own well-being and so Wapice wellness hour was born!

One hour of goodness

Wapice wellness hour provides for its employees one paid hour each week to promote their own well-being at work. For example, the staff has taken part in Wapice's own badminton, floorball and tennis shifts or went for a long walk with a colleague in the middle of the working day. Some have enjoyed the relaxation brought by massage and some have taken recovery time with yoga or mindfulness exercises.

The feedback has been excellent, and the staff has enjoyed the new benefit a lot. The five most popular sports for our employees during the winter have been walking, running, skiing, meditation and the gym! Below you can see pictures and comments of Wapice's well-being moments.

Riina wellness hour

"When Wapice moved to a bigger office in Tampere in 2019, we built our own gym in the basement of our office building . So when we got this new employment benefit, wellness hour, it is probably not hard to guess what is my go to activity when I get to use one paid hour for wellness every week!"
– Riina Puhakka, Customer Success & Account Manager

Lassi wellness hour

"Wellness hour gives a great push for arranging some time for doing sports even within a busiest work week. I personally consider heavy exercise as the best method to counterbalance work related stress. The new benefit makes Wapice even better place to work at!"
– Lassi Niemistö, Head of DevOps, Security and Quality Solutions

Anssi wellness hour

"The hardest thing about wellness hour is actually getting up from your desk. You always feel like you have one more task to finish. But then, when you just command your feet and walk outside, for a little stroll or similar, it's like massage for your brain. Your thought processes are freed from the stiffness of concentration and new ideas come to you."
– Anssi Turunen, Digital Marketing Specialist

Below you can see pictures of other Wapiceans:

Nani wellness Wellness hour
Wellness hour Wellness walk

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