CANrunner 2.0 release

Wapices’s CAN analysis software CANrunner has been updated and a new release, CANrunner v2.0, has been published. CANrunner is a CAN analyzer and diagnostic software tool built with the cross-platform Qt toolkit. CANrunner is a powerful tool for software developers and service engineers, providing advanced data monitoring and analysis capabilities.

One of the new updates is support for CAN FD devices. CANrunner can now analyze CAN buses that use either classic CAN or CAN FD protocol. When analyzing CAN FD protocol, also new CAN adapters are needed and that is why CANrunner has been updated to support CAN and/or CAN FD capable Kvaser, IXXAT and PEAK-System CAN adapters. CAN FD support has also been added to SocketCAN and CommAL virtual CAN.

In addition to CAN FD support, two new features were added: extended J1939 parser and Log inspector. The new parser can show SAE J1939 CAN messages in easily readable format. The new Log inspector allows CANrunner users to inspect, parse and filter CANrunner log files with ease.

Read more information about the release from here.

The new CANrunner version is now available free of charge!

You can download it from here:

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