Jump into B2B sales digitalization and take advantage of the Summium® autumn campaign

Wapice has launched the Summium® autumn campaign, an easy way for any B2B company to develop sales, pricing and quote calculation processes and practices.

The campaign includes a consultation workshop and a needs assessment where together with the customer we identify the pain points and areas for development in sales. Based on that, we build a Summium demo of the company's products and present a solution proposal to improve the sales process.

B2B customers expect sellers to act faster and faster, because as consumers we are used to ordering products online with a click of a button. However, the quotation process for B2B products is more complicated from a vendor’s perspective and sometimes requires even days of work! By automating the manual steps in the quotation process, the salesperson saves time significantly - and the customer gets the fast and effortless service they expect.

Read more about the Summium® autumn campaign and book a demo for your needs free of charge!