Treon and Wapice launch the fastest way to condition monitoring

Treon Condition Monitoring starter kit with IoT-TICKET® is a cost efficient and easy to deploy tool to get started monitoring machines. Data measured by the kit helps to identify emerging machine faults before those become issues and schedule maintenance to prevent major damage and costly downtimes.

“Being able to monitor the condition of plant assets frequently is a critical enabler for any predictive maintenance program. This has historically been limited by the cost and difficult deployment of wired measurement systems or irregularity of handheld measurements”, says Janne Julkunen, Chief Product Officer at Treon. “The starter kit is the perfect first step into monitoring every plant asset 24/7”.

The starter kit is the perfect first step into monitoring every plant asset 24/7

The kit consists of wireless battery-operated sensors, a Gateway and cloud-based Condition Monitoring user interface to visualize data. Treon Industrial Nodes measure triaxial vibration and surface temperature from any rotating equipment. Data is transmitted wirelessly at user selectable time intervals to Treon Gateway. From there it is sent to cloud via a cellular connection.

Treon Starter Kit

The cloud solution is built on IoT-TICKET®, an easy to use IoT Productivity Studio from Wapice allowing creation of massive scale, production-grade applications. Accessible via any web-browser, the application lets user track key vibration values such as RMS and PEAK, view historical data as well as analyze it with FFT or export as a file for further analysis with external analytics tools.

“The kit is the easiest and fastest way to get started with condition monitoring. All that needs to be done is install the devices, turn them on and the data starts flowing to cloud. This can be done in minutes”, says Markus Mäkelä, Business Development Director at Wapice. “As the kit is built on IoT-TICKET® platform, it is easily extendable with big data analytics and artificial intelligence as customer needs grow.

The sensor devices and Gateway use Wirepas Mesh connectivity software. In Wirepas Mesh network all sensor devices measure data as well as route data from other sensors. Without any centralized network management, the devices connect automatically to each other and choose the most efficient route for the data to the Gateway. Data transfer is secure and resilient to interference in industrial environments.

Mesh technology allows us to build easy to deploy cost efficient wireless networks of any size. You may start with this kit but the solution will scale just as easily to monitoring all assets in a plant, whether that’s hundreds or even thousands”, Janne Julkunen says.

Treon Condition Monitoring starter kit with IoT-TICKET® is available from

Treon designs intelligent, wirelessly connected hardware products for IoT-solutions. Treon is specialized in leveraging wireless connectivity and mesh technologies for massive scale IoT in smart buildings, asset management and industrial Internet.