IoT-TICKET release 3.2.0

We are pleased to announce that a new version (3.2.0) of our IoT-TICKET infrastructure ( is about to receive a new release between Thursday, 24th and Friday, 25th of May 2018.

New features and improvements

  • New GDPR related terms and conditions which users must accept when logging in to IoT-TICKET
  • Enterprise admins can now define their additional custom terms & conditions for the enterprise and it’s users
  • Alarms & events
    • Alarms & events tab is now available in the dashboard tray
    • Event block in data-flow editor can now be used to create alarms & events
  • Data-flow editor
    • New context sensitive help for data-flow blocks
    • Block toolbox items are now color coded by group
    • Improved visual style
  • Interface designer
    • New toolbar for widgets in the top right corner. User can toggle between new and old toolbar style from the bottom of the interface designer view
    • Improved visual style
  • Dashboard browser
    • New CSV export feature for data tags can be found in the data tags tab
  • More information about the new Data-flow and Interface Designer features can be found from the built-in Help

Interested about IoT-Ticket? Please contact our IoT-Ticket Product Manager Mika Ranta-aho.

(p. +358 503 141 979,