Sneak peek: Summium will become a product family

Industrial companies are more and more giving visual software tools to their customers and partners to make their products and services as easily accessible as possible. Wapice is launching a new product for this specific need!

Summium Selector logo

Summium Selector is an intelligent and easy-to-use web shop of the future for the demanding industrial need. The tool guides the user to the right product area with the means of guided selling. A customer and a partner can easily send a request for quote for the supplier or order products and services, also the more complex ones. This way the know-how of the best salesman can be duplicated and utilized by the customers and partners.

More information on Summium Selector is coming in autumn!

Summium CPQ logo

Summium CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote), another product of Summium product family, is a tool for a salesman or a partner to sell complex industrial products. One can easily price the products and services being offered to the customer, draft a quote and send an order all the way to ERP system. The tool has been developed since year 2000, and today already 2 billion euros of Finnish export products are sold annually through Summium CPQ.

More about Summium CPQ Summium CPQ product site

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