Wapice in Mindtrek 2017

In September 20th – 21st, Wapice is sponsoring an international technology conference called Mindtrek. This conference is all about advanced future technologies, out-of-the-box business concepts and a possibility to build new multi-disciplinary networks across country and industry borders. The aim of this event is to bring together companies, associations, public organizations and students. Wapice being one of the conference sponsors, we also have a stand, where visitors have an opportunity to try our IoT-Ticket demos with HoloLenses. Wapice's innovation director Mathias Grädler has also written a blog post about digitalization to Mindtrek blog, which can be found from here.

Last year, Mindtrek attracted visitors from all around the world, with 38.8 % of all participants being international attendees. The total number of people taking part in last year’s conference was almost 1200. See more information from here.

See you at the Mindtrek!