Network operator Digita and Wapice jointly develop industrial IoT solutions

Digita has begun cooperation with Wapice, which provides the Finnish industrial sector with software solutions. The aim of this cooperation is to offer Digita and Wapice’s customers efficient and agile IoT services that meet the needs of industry. The first joint projects between the companies are already being developed.

"Wapice has long experience of providing industrial IoT solutions. Wapice will bring plenty of know-how and expertise on the development of IoT services for industry in particular. For our part, we can offer our nationwide IoT network based on LoRa technology to Wapice’s customers," says Ari Kuukka, Director of IoT services at Digita.

With Wapice IoT-TICKET, users can build IoT applications via a web browser in just minutes. On the basis of big data collected from a range of sources, users can create Dashboards, reports, analytics, and augmented reality. IoT-TICKET provides users with a comprehensive and easy-to-use IoT Office experience (Dashboards, Reports, Analytics, 3D, AR/VR, Data-Flows and much more).

“Combined with Digita's pioneering approach to making LoRa technology available to customers, Wapice IoT-TICKET will provide companies with a seamless, overall IoT solution," says Markus Mäkelä, Business Development Director of IoT-TICKET. “Based on our new partnership, customers will gain access to the most developed tools on the market, ready-packaged for the development of IoT business activities.” LoRa will expand the already versatile range of ways in which sensors and various sites are added to the IoT-TICKET platform.

The IoT services based on the partnership offer a wide range of solutions meeting the needs of the real estate, logistics and infrastructure sectors, among others. Together, Wapice and Digita provide the best rapidly deployed IoT-LoRa solution on the market.

LoRa technology enables the rapid deployment of IoT solutions

Based on Digita's two-way LoRa technology, the IoT network makes the monitoring and control of various connected devices cost-efficient and simple, with no need for complex LAN or gateway solutions at the customer’s location. IoT technology enables an almost unlimited range of applications that help customers in activities such as monitoring the condition of equipment and measuring energy efficiency, as well as enabling implementation of the Smart City and Smart Metering projects.

Digita is a strongly established Finnish company. Its LoRaWAN IoT network covers much of Finland, serving customers in both urban and rural areas. In 2017, Digita made major investments in developing its IoT network, boosting the further development of indoor IoT solutions in particular. Digita estimates that, five years from now, almost 20 million IoT sensors will be making everyday life smoother in Finland.

Media contacts:

Digita Oy, Director, IoT Services, Ari Kuukka,, tel. +358 40 149 7942

Wapice Oy, IoT-Ticket Business Development Director, Markus Mäkelä,, tel. +358 10 277 5014

Wapice is a leading technology and digitalisation partner of the industrial sector: we focus on enhancing our client’s performance across all functions by injecting information technology at its best. With our software and electronics expertise, we create solutions that boost industrial innovation. Our solutions have enabled industry-leading companies around the world. Established in 1999, Wapice employs over 330 software and electronics experts. We are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified and an AAA-rated company.

Digita transmits radio and television programmes to everyone living in every corner of Finland every day of the year. We also apply the latest digital technology in order to develop and offer versatile online television and radio services. In addition, our service portfolio includes comprehensive IoT services based on our comprehensive network, as well as world-class Data Centre Services. Our clients include media companies as well as mobile and broadband operators offering top of the line content.

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