.NET Conf 2023 watch party

Time 14.11.2023
17:00 – 23:30

Hello Fellow Developers! 🌟

.NET Conf is a free, virtual three-day developer event co-organized by the . NET community and Microsoft. A highlight this year is the release of .NET 8.

Wapice will live stream the event in VAMOK’s Sauna, (Palosaarentie 8, Vaasa) and you are warmly welcome to join the event with us!

Event is free to join, but requires registration by Friday, November 10th.

Agenda will be revealed in the upcoming weeks.

Why should I attend?

While you can watch and follow the live stream of .NET Conf 2023 from your couch, we've got some compelling reason for you to step out and join us and watch it together with other developers

🤝 Network opportunities

Connect face-to-face with fellow .NET enthusiasts. Share ideas, discuss the latest features, and maybe even meet your next collaborator or business partner.

🙋‍♂️ Immediate Q&A and discussions

Watching a session and have a burning question? Discuss it in realtime with others who are also curious. Dive into the topics immediately instead of waiting for online forums to catch up.

📚 Learn Together

There's a magic in group learning. Grasp complicated topics by hearing multiple perspectives and real world experiences from others.

🥳 Stay Engaged

It's easy to get distracted at home. Being present with a group can keep your focus sharp and energy high.

😎 Exclusive Swag

To thank you for joining us, we got some exclusive goodies and takeaways that you won't get from your living room.

🧖‍♀️ Sauna

After the sessions, why rush home? Stick around for some relaxed socializing in the sauna (Please remember to bring your own towel). Snacks, beverages will be served.

So trade in your pajamas for some fresh air, great conversation and a day of enriching tech insight.

Looking forward to see you there!

Respond by 17:00 Friday, November 10th, 2023

What is .NET Conf?

.NET Conf is like a big virtual party for people who are into creating apps and websites. It's organized by Microsoft and the .NET community. They come together to talk about .NET, which is a set of tools and libraries used by programmers to build all kinds of software, from mobile apps to games to major websites.

Why is it important?

Imagine if you had a favorite TV show, and once a year, the show's creators held a special event to give sneak peeks into the next season, behind-the-scenes fun facts, and even tutorials on how the show was made. That's what .NET Conf is like for developers. It's an opportunity to learn about the latest and coolest features, get tips from the experts, and see where the .NET world is heading next.

Who should watch it?

Even if you're new to programming, .NET Conf can be a great place to see what's possible and get inspired. You'll see real developers showcasing their projects, explaining how they built them, and discussing new trends. Think of it as a tech showcase, where you can peek into the future of app and web development.

Key Takeaway

.NET Conf is like getting a front-row seat to the future of software development. It's a mix of exciting reveals, learning opportunities, and inspiration for anyone, from tech enthusiasts to experienced developers.