Kasten enhances its dealers' storage machine quoting process with Wapice's CPQ tool

Constructor Finland Oy, part of Gonvarri Material Handling, the world's leading manufacturer of steel furniture, decided to implement Wapice's Summium® CPQ tool to streamline the quoting process for its dealers'. The company specializes in storage solutions, and one of its product groups is vertical lift machines, which offer both storage and picking capabilities. The aim was to develop a contemporary, web-based tool for the configuration and pricing process, allowing all dealers to define the parameters and generate a quotation for the storage machines themselves.

Benefits enhanced by Summium® CPQ to Kasten

  • Streamlines the process of creating complex product and pricing rules, making it quick and effortless
  • Efficiently serve the sales efforts of the company’s distributors worldwide, considering the needs of different user groups and their perspectives
  • Saves time spent on preparing offers and reduces the possibility of errors
  • Is easy to implement

Ease of deployment and faster quoting process are among the key factors that have enabled us to create higher-quality proposals, offer superior service as well as provide rapid improvement in the customer experience. Ulla Hörkkö estimates that in her case the time spent on bidding has been reduced by 75%, from two days a week to half a day per week.

Kasten has speeded up and improved the quotation process for their warehouse automation solutions using Summium CPQ tool, allowing the majority of the company’s dealers to now handle the quotation process themselves.

Ulla Hörkkö, Export Manager, Kasten / Constructor Finland Oy

Kasten’s dealers can now independently build multiple alternative solutions to suit the needs of the site without contacting Lohja’s sales personnel, freeing up time for other tasks at the Lohja office. The company’s transparency has improved, as all the information needed by customers and sellers is easily manageable and accessible.

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