Efficiency in real estate management with IoT and analytics

The digitalisation of the real estate industry is a hot topic. For example, IoT enables more efficient operations and real-time visibility into the operation of real estate. Monitoring and analysing energy efficiency has been around for a long time today, and we are now moving from real-time to predictability, for which analytics and artificial intelligence-based solutions offer great tools.

Competitive advantage with predictability and genuine benefits from data

Real estate actors both in Finland and internationally have enthusiastically received the Wapice IoT-TICKET® tool. Our customers use the solution to remotely monitor and analyse buildings and anticipate potential problem situations. Through remote monitoring, our customer Admares streamlined the maintenance and monitoring of luxury villas in Dubai, while Granlund sought reinforcement to monitor a larger property mass, as well as to analyse and optimize energy efficiency.

IoT-TICKET® is a comprehensive IoT platform that enables the creation of digital services even in hours, in addition to which it also takes into account the growing need for data analytics. Advanced artificial intelligence applications enhance remote real estate monitoring and data management to the next level, which at its best means new services that are also visible to end users.

Here are a few examples of usage:

  1. Machine vision solution for utilization monitoring: The property owner receives reliable and real-time information on the use of the facilities using machine vision models. For example, human movements can securely be identified from a video image.
    • Real-time information on the use of the building is an absolute starting point for new services and the efficient and appropriate use of the building!

  2. Machine learning system: The condition of the machine room in the building can be monitored with the help of audio data, in which case deviations are automatically detected by machine learning methods.
    • This enables proactive measures, faster responses to latent problems and efficient work of maintenance personnel, even remotely.

What kind of information would you like about real estate?

The IoT-TICKET® solution, which has been awarded the most innovative application in the world, has been praised especially for its ease of use and good integration possibilities. For example, connecting sensors that measure air quality, humidity, temperature, or utilization to a system is quick and effortless — whether LoRa or other similar communication technology was used.

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