Revamped artificial intelligence services - now even more comprehensive

Wapice has been actively developing its artificial intelligence services to meet today’s demand. We now offer an even wider range of services, like identifying and classifying people or things, or helping with customer service.

Our artificial intelligence services include machine vision solutions, anomaly detection, proactive maintenance, natural language processing (NLP) and data analytics.

“We are incorporating several tracking parameters into our scalable artificial intelligence solutions that can be used to monitor implementation performance in real time. With this information, we can further develop and modify the efficiency of the solution in the future and thus get faster results. Our solutions are made very stable but adaptable”, says Mickey Shroff, Head of AI, Analytics & Automation Solutions Segment.

Good examples of applications are e.g. artificial intelligence-assisted quality control, intelligent real estate management and machine vision for safety and health monitoring.

Learn more about the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence from Wapice's revamped artificial intelligence pages.

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