Wapice co-develops Smart City at Mall of Tripla with AI, 5G and IoT

The City of Helsinki and its business partners Mall of Tripla, Telia and YIT are experimenting with utilizing 5G and NB-IoT networks to collect data at Mall of Tripla from June to September. For this trial period Wapice is involved in delivering IoT solutions generating open data along with six other operators.

The experiment uses sensors to collect data on things like congestion and human flows, temperature, humidity, air quality, and the number and direction of bicycles in the shopping center and its immediate surroundings. Companies are able to leverage emerging lessons and experiences and scale solutions and good practices elsewhere.

”It is impossible for a person to conduct reliable monitoring of human flows, numbers, queues and crowds from the cityscape. However, this can be easily accomplished with modern machine vision applications, says Mickey Shroff, Head of AI, Analytics and Automation Solutions at Wapice. The Mall of Tripla trial period utilizes Wapice's camera solutions and the IoT-TICKET® platform. The machine vision from the camera image enables the calculation and the data is sent to Wapice's IoT-TICKET® for visualization, ”Shroff continues.

The experiment seeks experiences on how a smart city and a smart shopping center can add value to each other and serve as a pilot platform for new innovations. Mall of Tripla and its surroundings provide a progressive environment for the development and implementation of services that benefit the shopping center and its customers. Combining different sources of information can also increase understanding of the rest of the urban environment, providing opportunities for the development of new services.

“Managing the customer experience is extremely important at Mall of Tripla and data and new types of services are needed for its development. It’s really interesting to be involved in a new technology project that combines data related to human behavior, smart buildings, and the urban environment. Mall of Tripla is a modern city center that is a trend setter in many areas. That is why it is very interesting to act as a platform for new services and business models", says Kati Kivimäki, Mall of Tripla's shopping center director.

In addition to Wapice, Loopshore, MarshallAI, Nodeon, Wizense and the University of Helsinki will also provide IoT solutions generating open data for the trial period. The data will be available to other developers during and after the trial. Various experiments are also planned to continue later.

Original press release is available here: https://www.hel.fi/uutiset/fi/kaupunginkanslia/mall-of-triplassa-kehitetaan-alykasta-kaupunkia-5g-n-ja-esineiden-internetin-avulla

Further information:

Mickey Shroff, Wapice Oy, Head of AI, Analytics and Automation Solutions tel. 050 302 7187, mickey.shroff@wapice.com