Bronto Skylift & Wapice: Summium® CPQ lifted Bronto Skylift’s sales to new heights

Bronto Skylift, a manufacturer of aerial platforms marketed throughout the world, is happy with Summium® CPQ sales configurator. This innovative easy-to-use system has given a new boost to the company’s sales efforts.

When Bronto Skylift adopted Wapice’s Summium® CPQ sales configurator, a new era dawned in the company’s sales process. It has saved time and money and improved the customer experience across the entire process starting with the generation of quotations.

“Summium® CPQ plays an important part in our digitalisation process designed to harmonise and facilitate tendering while making the quotations more detailed and accurate. Adopting the system has improved efficiency across the sales process,” says Sales Engineer Ville Puustinen from Bronto Skylift.

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Additional Information:

  • Bronto Skylift Oy, Ville Puustinen tel. +358 40 713 6206
  • Wapice Oy, Kai Huittinen, tel. +358 10 277 5027

Article image: © Bronto Skylift