Danfoss Drives & Wapice: Partnership brings added value to IoT and AI solutions

Danfoss is the world’s leading manufacturer of frequency converters, focusing on product life cycle in addition to high-quality and rigorous testing. Danfoss Drives has chosen Wapice IoT-TICKET® as its global IoT platform. Based on IoT-TICKET®, they have built the DrivePro® Remote Monitoring service, which connects frequency converters to 24/7 monitoring.

The DrivePro® Remote Monitoring service of Danfoss is part of the company’s extensive portfolio of lifecycle services. The service is used globally, for example in China, Europe, South America and the United States.

Key benefits of the service:

  • Rapid response to faults through immediate alerts
  • Cost savings in maintenance (remote troubleshooting)
  • No unforeseen downtime and higher availability
  • More information on the operation of equipment and processes

Learn more about our partnership and how Danfoss is developing DrivePro® Remote Monitoring with artificial intelligence.

Further information:

Article image: ©Danfoss