Wapice donates 15 000 euros to the University of Vaasa

Software company Wapice Oy participates in the University of Vaasa matched funding campaign and allocates 15 000 for research and education in the field of technology.

– The University of Vaasa is is doing great research and educational work in the digitalization of energy transmission and production systems, topics that are important both to Wapice and Wapice's customers, says CEO Pasi Tuominen.

‒ The role of the university in a high-tech export-driven region and a globally active business scene is crucial. Also, significant proportion of Wapice's sales are exported either directly or indirectly, Tuominen continues.

The donation provided from a long-time supporter of the university is highly appreciated.

– Together we can boost the development of digitalization and focus on global challenges, says the rector of the University of Vaasa, Jari Kuusisto

The target of the fundraising campaign of the University of Vaasa is to collect 5 – 7 million euros of private funds for the matched funding scheme by the Finnish state. Each donated euro, up to 11 million euros in total, is matched by up to 2.5 euros by the state. The building of long-term strategic partnerships is also an important goal of the fundraising campaign of the university.

More information:

Jari Kuusisto, rector, University of Vaasa, tel. + 358 29 449 8291

Pasi Tuominen, CEO, Wapice Oy, tel. +358 10 277 5100

In the picture from left to right are: Pasi Tuominen, Harry Linnarinne and Jari Kuusisto. Photo: Sofia Niemelä