Wapice Oy donates 20 000 euros to VAMK

Wapice's CFO Leena Kari and CEO Pasi Tuominen handed over the donation to VAMK's principal Tauno Kekäle and director Jorma Tuominen. Picture: Anssi Turunen

University of Applied Sciences (VAMK) has received a donation for its fundraising from Wapice Oy. The donation of 20 000 euros will be allocated to the development of teaching in the technology field.

– The Polytechnic is very important to the region, especially in association to the importance of the Vaasa region as one of the centers of research and export. Research creates innovation and generates export revenue. The research needs skilled engineers and engineering training, Tuominen emphasizes.

Wapice sees a lot of benefits with a local polytechnic. The pace of change in the world is tough and requires close cooperation between companies and education.

– Digitalization is progressing and strong regional training is needed to respond to industrial change. A school in the surrounding area enables cooperation and company growth. Wapice continuously hires top experts for both own as well as for global customers' product development. Hopefully, supporting the school will help in this matter, says Pasi Tuominen.

Wapice is a popular topic for theses and many VAMK graduates have found a job there. Working closely together in business life and education also develop one another.

– Artificial intelligence, digitalization and interdisciplinarity are increasing. Digitalization does not look at the business area, but has grown to a significant position in almost all areas of operation. Wapice has also supported education in Vaasa by donating IoT and artificial intelligence platforms to the Technobothnia Laboratory, where they can be used to build future systems and train new professionals. VAMK has excellent teaching and laboratory facilities that have all the prerequisites for success in working with the region's industry, ”says Tuominen.

More information:

Tauno Kekäle, principal/CEO (VAMK)

tel. 040 076 1619

Pasi Tuominen, CEO (Wapice Oy)

tel. 010 277 5100