Wapice in AI Nordic 2018

Wapice is participating in the AI 2018 event held in Kattilahalli, Helsinki on 14 November. Welcome to meet our team and drop by our lounge area to hear about our solutions for rapid AI application development.

Artificial intelligence has become one of the most significant technological developments in business. It’s a general-purpose technology which is a fundamental driver of economical growth, like steam and combustion engines were at their time.

The event provides a chance for all the players in the industry to learn, network, and share insight on how to stay ahead.

Wapice in AI Nordic - banner

Welcome to listen to our speakers Mickey Shroff and Petri Helo on Wed 14.11 at 9:35 o’clock:

Transforming Industrial Companies with Artificial Intelligence

  • How to help your customers to utilize AI in their businesses
  • Case studies: energy, manufacturing, moving machines, real estate domains etc.

Further information and tickets are available at: www.ainordic.com

Let’s meet? You’ll find our team from Brella.

See you at Kattilahalli!