Wapice has 100 new owners

The Finnish technology and digitalization company Wapice has arranged a share issue for its employees during the spring of 2018. The number of Wapice owners grew by one hundred shareholders and the total number of owners is now around 140. This share issue is the largest share issue ever organized by the company.

The organized share issue was Wapice's third in its 20-year history. The previous share issue was held in 2008, when 40 employees subscribed for shares. Now Wapice's shares were subscribed by 121 employees, of which 100 were new shareholders.

– This share issue shows how dedicated and enthusiastic employees are going along with Wapice for future digitization. Our employees are a key to the company's success, and it's great to have such a large number of people involved in the ownership base, says Managing Director Pasi Tuominen.

As a result of the share issue, the total number of owners is now 138 employees, which is more than one third of the entire personnel. Ownership is divided 40% for the employees and 60% for the founders.

Wide technology stack and continuous development brings growth

Wapice’s growth is based on continuous learning and a wide technology stack, because the development of technology doesn't show signs of stopping.

– Software is increasing everywhere. Continuous development is essential and will keep us on the right track. We are living interesting times – technologies like deep learning, neural networks, augmented reality and robotized environments are increasing, says Tuominen.

– Our goal is to be a full service software company. We will succeed when our customers succeed. Through the share issue, we allow our employees to be even more closely involved in the company's development and thus enjoy the results of the work, Tuominen continues.

Further information: Pasi Tuominen, Managing Director Wapice Oy, tel. 010 277 5100, pasi.tuominen@wapice.com