Wapice and VAMK deepen cooperation in artificial intelligence

Wapice and University of Applied Sciences (VAMK) have agreed to deepen education cooperation in the future. Co-operation means that Wapice's experts teach current courses at VAMK and use the latest development and learning environments as a teaching aid. Artificial intelligence is one of them.

Wapice Oy arranges teaching based on artificial intelligence with hands-on industrial systems at VAMK. Wapice has been researching and implementing artificial intelligence systems and solutions for many years. In the lessons, artificial intelligence is linked to augmented reality and device control. Modern maintenance software includes a large number of artificial intelligence features. One of the things artificial intelligence can be used for is to find out in real time, where sales people should be at rush hours in the department store and watch that hundreds of workers always have the proper equipment on them.

Nowadays, for example person identification, classification of images, vehicle identification, and sorting of items on a conveyor belt can be achieved in real-time via artificial intelligence-based neural networks.

– Wapice offers software subcontracting and technology expertise for the big industry. We are continuously researching technologies to help us better serve customers and integrate new technologies into their systems. We have incorporated the features of the artificial intelligence into IoT, the industrial internet, which enables further processing of information. Wapice's product IoT-Ticket has been in the Vaasa Technobothnia laboratory for teaching purposes for many years. The same platform is already in use in several schools at polytechnic and university level in Finland, but now we are the first in Finland to integrate the implementation based on artificial intelligence in the IoT-Ticket environment, describes Pasi Tuominen, Managing Director of Wapice.

Summium Selector

Artificial intelligence also brings new dimensions to customer service. The Summium Selector, the new member in the Summium product family to be launched in the autumn, digitized sales through a smart e-commerce solution. Increasingly, industrial companies provide their customers with visual tools to make the products and services offered by the company as accessible as possible for retailers and even customers. Real-time object identification and the Selector multiply the best salesman's know-how for the benefit of the reseller and the customer.

The development of future digitalization increases the importance of engineering education in industry, and there is a shortage of software experts in particular. Wapice has hired a large number of experts every year from VAMK. Technobothnia works in co-operation with the University of Vaasa and Novia, so the courses can be attended by people from all of these educational establishments.

More information:

Pasi Tuominen, Managing Director, Wapice Oy, 010 277 5100, pasi.tuominen@wapice.com
Jorma Tuominen, Head of Technology unit, VAMK, 020 766 3433, jorma.tuominen@vamk.fi
Mickey Shroff, Wapice Oy, 050 302 7187, mickey.shroff@wapice.com (artificial intelligence)
Kai Huittinen, Wapice Oy, 0400 455 136, kai.huittinen@wapice.com (Summium Selector)