IoT-Ticket and Libelium join forces

Smart Cities, Smart Parking, Air Pollution Monitoring, Chemical Leakage Detection, Traffic Congestion, Smart Lighting, Waste Management, Supply Chain Control, Water Quality Monitoring, Smart Agriculture and many more application areas are now only a few clicks away in IoT-Ticket!

We are pleased to announce that Libelium and IoT-Ticket joined forces to deliver modern, easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy Internet of Things applications such as: Smart cities, smart environment and many more. Libelium provides low power, long range (up to 21km) wireless communication devices including sensors that can easily be joined to IoT-Ticket while IoT-Ticket provides a complete and very easy to use Internet of Things office suite experience to the user (Dashboards, reports,analytics, 3D, augmented reality, data-flows and much more).

“This co-operation will bring huge benefits to our customers and enable complete new ways of delivering applications – it has never been easier to deliver Internet of Things applications”,

says Mathias Grädler, IoT-Ticket Product Manager, and continues:

”Libelium has been a forerunner in the Internet of Things application domain providing sensors and communication devices that enable a truly smart world. Today’s challenges of environmental pollution, smart cities and much more can be easily monitored and controlled. With IoT-Ticket users can build IoT applications in a web-browser in minutes, no plug-ins required. One can create dashboards, reports, analytics or augment reality based on big-data collected from various Things. All your available Libelium sensor devices will show up automatically in your IoT-Ticket web-based dashboard / report designer from where you can easily design amazing Internet of Things applications.”

Markus Mäkelä, Director IoT-Ticket Business Development, also agrees that this collaboration will have big impact on the future Internet of Things development and emphasizes that

”IoT-Ticket and Libelium provide the best package on the market to quickly deploy advanced Internet of Things solutions.” He further explains that “we are happy to support companies, communes and governments to create a smarter, digital environment that enables new business models while improving people’s lives.”

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