Smart real estate management

Smart solutions in real estate management allows you to automate and monitor building systems and sensors. AI can be added to existing building systems to improve service and achieve cost savings.

Computer vision in real estate management is suitable for detecting and tracking flow of people or other objects in for example worksites, malls and restaurants. Automated information about the observed objects is applicable in several real estate management innovations and brings added value and new products.

Use cases

  • Adjust air conditioning based on number of people detected
  • Intelligent maintenance automation
  • Parking space tracking using computer vision
  • Sound analytics in moving machines for predictive maintenance
  • Tracking analytics of people (directions and heatmaps)
  • Queue estimation or utilization rate in shops and restaurants
  • Improved work safety with area monitoring and computer vision

Value proposition

  • Computer vision solutions can be integrated to existing video surveillance systems without need for new camera equipment.
  • Information about amount of people is valuable for understanding building utilization in different times and this information can be integrated to existing building systems controllers in a need basis. Automated building system controlling improves user satisfaction and helps in optimizing costs.
  • Many maintenance related tasks can be anticipated in advance when information from sensors is remote readable and supported with analytics.

Additional Information