Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Wapice’s Big Data services to support decision-making

Wapice offers its clients Big Data and analytics Services to enable them to make efficient use of information in their business. We use our solutions to collect, process and analyse information as well as visualise it according to our clients' wishes.

Our solutions enable cost-effective processing and analysis of huge amounts of information. Processing information can bring significant benefits to business, product development, or even customer service. We can store SQL and Non-SQL data on our servers as well as utilize Azure, Amazon AWS and Google data centres and tools.

Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the world, are you ready to harness its full potential?

Artificial intelligence is one of today’s most rapidly developing technologies. It can be applied for various classification, profiling, forecasting, quality assurance and anomaly detection tasks. For example it can be used to optimize production uptime by predicting the optimal service schedule to prevent crucial machinery failures.

We at Wapice help you make the most of the artificial intelligence technology today. There are numerous applications for artificial intelligence and ways to use it. We help you find solutions that match your needs and implement them in cooperation with you.

Artificial Intelligence

AI Applications

  • Product and production quality assurance using image recognition
  • Real-time tracking of human masses using video analytics
  • Property management and tracking based on number of people
  • Intelligent automation of servicing
  • Chatbots - development of customer service

Advanced Machine Vision

Deep learning has made it possible to identify and track objects very accurately. There are many applications, such as tracking free parking spaces or automatically controlling air conditioning based on the number of people detected.

Combining deep learning with machine vision technologies based on geometric features enables machine vision solutions that do not require thousands of pictures for network training; even one picture is enough. For instance, the described technology can be used for product quality assurance and various sorting tasks on production lines.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automate your business’s recurring core processes. Take advantage of the predictions provided by machine learning and automate applicable functionalities. Automating routine tasks with software robotics promotes job satisfaction and lets employees spend more time on generating added value.

Big Data and Analytics


  • Cost optimization and predictability
  • Fast response to changes and automation of routines
  • Scalability
  • Intelligence

Our Services

  • Data preprocessing and cleaning
  • Architectures and implementation of big data and analytics systems as well as related consultation
  • IoT analytics services and consultation. Example of such service is preventive maintenance.