Design Services

Versatile design expertise to support your software development

When you are in need of user research methods, usability & user interface design, visual design or service design, contact us. Our experts will help you. Fast and flexible collaboration between your software developers and our designers allows seamless integration of design services in your software project.

Benefits of Design Services

More satisfied users -icon

More satisfied users

Ultimately, the quality of a digital service is always determined by the user, not the provider. It is therefore important to ensure that the designed service really suits its users, serves its intended purpose and meets the challenges posed by the usage environment.
Saved resources -icon

Saved resources

An investment in design will quickly pay itself back. The sooner problems related to the use of the software or its functionality are detected, the less resources will have to be invested in additional development.
Quality & relevance -icon

Quality & relevance

We want to make sure that our clients’ projects really satisfy their needs by mapping out related risks and solutions. To be really able to serve your end users, your digital service needs to be more than functional. It needs a pleasant visual look and good usability to satisfy user expectations.
Value for money -icon

Value for money

For a relatively small additional cost, you can achieve significant positive effects for the project. A well-done design reduces the production costs and improves the efficiency of a development project. Design efforts will benefit all parties involved in the project: the client, the developer and the end user.

Our Design Expertise


User Experience Design

The importance of user experience design is best visible when creating a completely new application, but it is also very useful when you want to further develop an existing application. Our objective is to design software that is easy to use and suits its purpose as well as possible. However, this cannot be achieved without a detailed mapping of the client’s goals, user needs and potential challenges posed by the work environment.


User Interface Design

A well-designed user interface enables smooth interaction between the user and the software. It enables the user to do their job as smoothly as possible and be constantly aware of the system status. The user interface should also provide tips on how to use the software and help with problems. A good user interface is clear and logical so that the user can work intuitively and easily learn new features.

User-centered research

Visual Design

Emotional intelligence guides people, and that is why the feel and appearance of the software play an important role in the user experience. When people assess the quality of software, they usually do not analyse the software itself but the feelings they experience while using it. To use a metaphor: the coating on the dashboard of a car has no effect on the car’s performance or the information conveyed by the indicators, but it nevertheless helps to create a pleasant user experience. A high-quality visual look combined with good usability increases user confidence in the software and its quality.


Service Design

Our experts specialise in designing and developing digital services. Service design is always carried out in cooperation with the client, since they are the best people to answer questions about the needs and development opportunities of their own company. Service design is more than building castles in the air – the need for services generated in workshops must also be validated. This ensures that the designed service really solves detected problems, is feasible and meets the client’s business objectives.