Service Design

Service design provides a way to develop the operations of the client, naturally in cooperation with them. It is not only important to find new concepts but also to ensure their feasibility. Therefore, one should refrain from building castles in the air and focus on ideas that will not later prove useless.


  • Mapping new service concepts and validating their feasibility (fail fast).
  • Service design blueprint workshops.
  • Rapid innovation and prototyping.
  • Design assistance in support of the IoT-TICKET® pilot phase.


  • The feasibility and usefulness of a service idea can be validated at an early stage without any development costs.
  • The client is helped to find new service concepts or packages.
  • Focus on problems. We must find out what is the basic problem or need that needs to be solved and what is required for it. Let’s not fall in love with solutions or treat symptoms.

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