Internet of Things Services

Wapice's IoT-solutions connect machinery and devices to the industrial internet creating efficient and innovative business opportunities for companies.

We design and connect devices and systems to gather data, program communication protocols and create solutions utilizing and enabling the use of Big Data and analytics. The collected data can be used to create reports and Dashboards for KPI monitoring, maintenance, system optimization and much more. All our solutions are designed and implemented with security and simple cross-ecosystem integration in mind.

Internet of Things

The Wapice IoT portfolio provides two-way, reliable and fast data connection from the tiniest sensors to any smartphone in the world. The data collected from the sensor and systems, as well as the device control features enabled by the data transfer, can be effectively converted into business added value, such as asset management and business decisions.

What we offer

Wapice delivers a full IoT end-to-end value chain including

  • Device interfaces
  • Device management
  • Data storage platforms
  • Analytics
  • User interface technologies

As an agile, fast and full stack provider we are able to combine the products of multiple vendors into one optimized solution.

IoT-TICKET illustration

Components of IoT solution

Producers & Actuators

Factory, Solar Energy, Robots, etc.

Device Protocols

CANopen, EtherCAT, Modbus, etc.


WRM247 LTE, Azure IoT Edge, AWS Greengrass, etc.

IoT Backhaul Technologies

OPC UA, MQTT, CoAP, NB-IoT, etc.

Data storage & processing

Amazon Web Services, Azure, IoT-TICKET®, etc.

Benefits of IoT services

Turnkey or build to order -icon

Turnkey or build to order

Through the Wapice full stack and modular offering we are able to provide an exact solution for the purpose.
Global service access -icon

Global service access

Our IoT solutions are built from the ground up to be used world wide. We are a native player in Azure and Alibaba cloud based solutions.
Reusing existing business models -icon

Reusing existing business models

Traditional business models require someone to be in the proximity of the data generation location. Often this is required to be done regularly and timely. Wapice IoT solutions makes data location independent. This creates eye opening possibilities to scale up existing value generation processes.
Situational awareness -icon

Situational awareness

With Wapice IoT solutions data can be collected 24/7/365 cost effectively, on a large scale. The end device is located at a wind farm at sea or in a factory on another continent.

Practice over theory

Wapice has helped countless number of customers in utilizing the power of connected things. Here are some of the highlights over the years, what we have achieved together with our customers.

Epec forest machinery and IoT

IoT for machine control systems

Wapice and Epec have together created an intelligent, comprehensive and scalable IoT solution for machine control systems. Built on Wapice IoT-TICKET® platform, the cloud-based solution is designed to allow Epec customers to make and customise applications to meet their specific needs. Applications are both easy and quick to make, and they can even be implemented without software expertise. Read more here.

Image © Epec Oy

Worker using a tablet

Anomaly detection in condition monitoring

Schaeffler recently launched OPTIME, a new and innovative solution utilizing battery powered, wireless mesh network sensors connected to the cloud for advanced condition monitoring. The comprehensive and automated condition monitoring solution is highly scalable and extremely easy to install and use. Schaeffler's customers can easily integrate several hundred assets in a single day. All the benefits create cost savings of up to 50 percent compared to manual offline measurement. Read more here.

Mesh networks

Connected services

Wapice has participated in the development of the intelligent KONE 24/7 Connect service which digitizes the predictive maintenance of elevators. This intelligent maintenance service helps customers detect malfunctions even before they cause problems to elevator users. The service ensures smooth and trouble-free operation of the equipment and monitors critical variables worldwide 24 hours a day. Read more here.

Satellite image

Massive scale remote monitoring of real estate

Afry started looking for a solution for centralized property monitoring, which would quickly detect situational changes that might not otherwise be identified in a large property mass. It was important for Afry to be able to schedule maintenance based on real-time information, as well as remotely fine-tune the real estate.

Can my business benefit from IoT?

You are able to benefit from IoT solutions if:

  • You want to reduce costs, optimize operations and find new revenue streams.
  • You want to get insights from real-time data and analytics to make smarter and faster decisions about your business.
  • You want to achieve proactive automation and analytics to improve maintenance and supply chain operations.

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