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Let us help you create exciting and innovative digital products and services

Great products and services stand out from the crowd and leave a mark – at Wapice we have supported industrial companies since 1999 in their journey of digitalization. Most of them have become digital champions in their area. As a Technology Partner we have designed and developed amazing software and electronic products which are sold on global scale.

Our service design team is able to co-create the digital future with you and your customers. Along this journey we help you facilitate this digital transformation and define the requirements, processes, technology and tools needed to succeed.

User-centered research

User-centered Research

Our service design concept with user-centered research will ensure that the developed service reaches the acceptable level of usability. Users concerns and advocacy are incorporated from the beginning of the design process. The needs of the user are always foremost in any design decision. Our service design will employ the iterative design and refines it progressively through the development. We will make sure that the user is at the center of the process rather than the system itself or a technology.

The user-centered research and design are not just ingredients to be added, instead they will be part of our service design process itself. Our process follow a series of methods and techniques for conceptualization, UI / UX design, and testing. In practice this means that we will incorporate you to the process and lead you through the development regardless of whether the aim is to design new digital services or revitalize an old one. The outcome is always well-designed service, which behaves exactly how you imagined it.

User-centered research


The conceptualization as part of the service design formalizes your requirements into description, which is the result of our brainstorming and innovation. Conceptualization cover profound assessment of the feasibility and benefits of the creative and fresh ideas from our user-oriented design.

Our conceptualization is based on innovative solutions that are written into technical descriptions and illustrated with high-quality user interface sketches with close to production-ready visual appearance. Cost-efficient conceptualization ensures that all goals and requirements are mutually understood with shared conception of the upcoming project.

User-centered research

User Interface Design

The fundamentals of our service design is to create positive user experience with the digital service that is easy to use, and that has been specifically designed for the targeted user groups and operation environments. It is ensured with professional UI / UX design that produced digital service is pleasing to the user and meets user's satisfaction.

Where the usability is more about allowing the users to easily accomplish their goals with the designed digital service, UI / UX design cover much more and goes even further. With our UI / UX design expertise all elements that together make up the interface, including ease of use, intuitiveness, user's interaction, layout and visual design, will be incorporated into a new innovative solution. Our service design team can conduct usability testing and arrange expert interviews and assessments that aid and steer the development towards an outstanding digital service.

User-centered research


Cost-effectiveness of our service design is achieved with rapid prototyping. It provides insight of the developed digital service innovations as early as possible. Prototyping is continuous at any and all stages of the design process to reach better results and meet user's acceptance. Prototyping produces deeper understanding of the viability and usability as well as other intangible aspects of the digital services.

Our service design team can create low fidelity prototypes to quickly and cheaply test and validate even complex digital service concepts and new innovative solutions. We can start from rudimentary paper prototypes and continue to more advanced interactive mock-ups of the service. The constant iteration sharpens the focus and helps improving the concepts leading to an outstanding customer experience.

User-centered research


Our experts will transform the designed solution into a working digital service. Our experts have extensive knowledge covering areas of cross-platform systems, communications systems, monitoring systems, industrial web systems, commercialization and customized industrial software and tools. The technology stack may consist of the latest cutting edge technologies and tools or be adapted to existing legacy systems – we will always accommodate to the needs of your project.

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