Java Technologies

Most of Wapice’s customers have selected Java based technologies either as supplementary or as main technologies. For that reason Wapice has been able to embrace a strong Java culture. Wapice has delivered numerous Java based software components from small utilities to huge transactional systems for global corporate use. Naturally Wapice has competence both in Standard Java Tools and Enterprise Java platforms.

Wapice uses Java technology with its own product development. For instance, multi user web based systems related to remote management and sales tools are based on Java technologies. Java EE (Enterprise Edition) has proven its place especially in transaction handling and business logic where security, performance and extensibility are in great value.

We offer

  • Customer specific solutions, from small applications to large enterprise solutions
  • Integrations to ERP and CRM systems
  • Technology consulting improving the infrastructure and performance
  • Software and system development
  • Technology evaluations
  • Java Technology: Let Wapice take care of the whole IT system project

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Java Language

Wapice Java competence backbone is solid understanding of the Java language and its future features.

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Java EE Technologies

Wapice delivers enterprise software based on Java EE technology. Java EE provides a platform and design patterns for reliable and scalable distributed software. Wapice delivers software and components based on technologies like EJB,JPA, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, JMS and JCA.Wapice has strong experience of working with these Java EE runtime platforms WebSphere, WebLogic, JBoss and GlassFish.

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Wapice has also developed software based on Spring technology. Spring has great value especially when used together with the Java EE technologies. Many now standard features of Java EE have their origins in Spring framework technologies.

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Wapice has years of experience with Hadoop technology. Some of Wapice own products take advantage of the big data support Hadoop gives, especially with the HBase NoSQL database. As an example, Wapice has implemented data analysis solutions for industrial process data.