Technology and Digitalization Services

Wapice offers comprehensive software services for demanding needs in industry, business and other sectors. Our clients include companies in the energy, engineering, marine and manufacturing industries.

Our extensive and broad experience provides an excellent basis for high-quality software development from design to deployment. The starting point is always the client’s needs. We listen to the client and try to find a solution that satisfies their needs. We implement platform-independent solutions and are not tied to any particular technology.

Primarily, we provide systems for controlling machines and equipment as well as managing production and inventories.


  • Surveillance systems
  • Barcode and RFID systems
  • Commercialisation projects
  • Reporting systems
  • Visualisation of data (2D and 3D trend displays)
  • Configuration and management tools for automation systems
  • User interfaces between devices and operators
  • Tools for system maintenance and support
  • Servicing and maintenance solutions with advanced user interface solutions using augmented and virtual reality

Design and Technology Consultation

Along with software solutions, we offer a wide range of design and technology consultation services for DevOps, information security and user experience planning, etc. You can pick consultation services to boost up product development or to complement a larger project delivery.

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For faster test modelling and innovation, we also offer customer-focused digital solutions and additional product services in cooperation with our Service Design team.

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