Linux-based Solutions

Linux is an open source-based operating system, which is used in servers, desktop environments and in different embedded devices. Wapice has a long history and extensive experience in using Linux for industry solutions. A large part of the devices in embedded solutions that we have planned and implemented uses the Linux kernel. See the examples below of the services we offer.

Customizable IoT platform

Internet of Things and the Industrial Internet have created a new kind of demand for extremely lightweight devices with rich network connectivity, I/O properties and minimal power consumption. Increasing computing power in mobile CPUs has made it possible to implement ultra-light Linux devices which can answer the complex requirements of an IoT device. Wapice can offer an off-the-shelf product with the IoT-Ticket and WRM247 LTE. Also highly customized Linux devices or consultation can be offered to the customer. Read more from Wapice's IoT-Ticket and WRM247 LTE.

Real-Time Linux

Usage of Linux is growing also in high-performance control systems which has increased a need for Real-Time properties in a Linux system. Wapice can offer advanced support for current Real-Time Linux implementations including Xenomai and RT_PREEMPT. Typical services include complete Real-Time Linux delivery, Real-Time performance validation, latency measurements and profiling, device driver optimizations and kernel code debugging.

Board Support Package

Wapice can deliver a complete Linux BSP for an embedded device designed from scratch. The device design can be from Wapice or the customer (or a 3rd party device). Complete BSP covers the whole device from the first bootloader to a working Linux programming environment.

Device driver development

Wapice can offer Linux device driver development to any customer needs. Drivers could be implemented to all peripherals in the device or only for one customer specific requirement. The wide range of device driver frameworks in the Linux kernel is used when developing new drivers. Typical services include complete device driver implementation, advanced application-specific customization and optimization.

Performance optimization

Linux systems provided out-of-the-box are not usually optimized for speed, performance, memory footprint or Real-Time characteristics. Wapice has experience on optimizing several aspects in Linux systems to answer even the highest customer requirements.

Design of high-performance CAN driver architecture for embedded Linux, 13th international CAN Conference, CAN in Automation GmbH, 2012

Advanced multicore systems

High-performance control systems have increasing requirements for Real-Time characteristics, system throughput and connectivity. Using Linux gives access to countless connectivity services but creates challenges with extreme Real-Time requirements. Chip vendors have started creating rich multicore SoCs which embed a powerful multicore mobile CPU and an FPGA. These SoCs offer a very resourceful platform to implement advanced asymmetric multiprocessing (AMP) systems such as modern and complex high-end control systems.

Wapice & linux graphic

License aspects

The Linux kernel and utility programs are licensed with different Open Source licenses which makes the Open Source community support powerful. With correct design it is possible to make completely proprietary applications so that any customer-specific code does not need to be published. Wapice has great knowledge on different Open Source licenses and knows how to create delicate proprietary software without the danger of license issues.

Wapice is a founding member of the Validos association whose purpose is to promote the use of open source software in the companies and other societies.

Functional safety

Functional safety is needed in the most delicate industrial systems and it is possible to implement with Linux using proper isolation and development process. Modern multicore SoCs create interesting possibilities for Functional safety in embedded Linux devices.

Application development

In addition to advanced low-level system development Wapice also offers top quality application development to all kinds of Linux systems ranging from Real-Time control systems and minimal IoT applications to enterprise level server environments.

Yocto Project – Build environments

Yocto Project is an embedded Linux customization framework used widely in the industrial field. Wapice can offer complete customized Yocto Project compatible solution for any customer needs. Wapice can also offer other embedded Linux build environments such as buildroot.


The growing networking needs created by the Internet of Things phenomenon have also brought security aspects to embedded Linux devices. Devices developed by Wapice follow strict security guidelines and processes (Security Development Lifecycle, SDL) to ensure complete information security.