OPC System Solutions

Classic OPC (DCOM)

Wapice designs and implements Open Platform Communications (OPC) system solutions according to the demanding needs of the industry. OPC is an open interoperability standard used in industrial automation applications such as control rooms, for the integration of process control and diagnostic applications with process control devices.

The information exchange takes place through a standard interface of a client-server based architecture, ensuring a vendor independent device and application integration. Wapice has been implementing customized OPC client and server solutions for different requirements from various sectors of the industry.

Benefits of OPC

  • Flexible: OPC enables platform and manufacturer-independent connectivity through a standard communication interface
  • Affordable: less system integration, development and installation efforts needed
  • Fast development cycle: shorter R&D cycles through the use of standardized software components
  • Reliable: guaranteed technical reliability through the use of industry-wide standards

OPC Foundation membership

Wapice is a member of the OPC Foundation since 2001 and contributes to the development of the OPC UA standard through its own electronics and software solutions such as the embedded OPC UA server.

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OPC Unified Architecture

Answering to the newest security and data modeling challenges in service-oriented architectures in automation systems Wapice also provides consulting, training, implementation and complete solutions for OPC Unified Architecture (UA).

OPC UA extends the Classic OPC communication protocol, enabling data acquisition and information modeling and communication between the plant floor and the enterprise, reliably and securely. Wapice implements OPC UA clients, servers and data management solutions for all platforms.

Added benefits of OPC UA

  • Multiplatform support: runs on any operating system
  • Ease-of-use: easy configuration and maintenance
  • Plug-and-play: service-based technology
  • Enhanced performance: high reliability and redundancy
  • Future-ready: broader scope of connectivity

Embedded OPC UA Server

Efficient, multi-platform server

Wapice has developed an embedded OPC UA server on a Linux platform. The server can be used, for example, as a part of Wapice's IoT-TICKET®, Internet of Things -Suite. We also develop entire system solutions that includes both server and client applications.

Wapice has extensive history of developing OPC solutions in dozens of customer projects. We have been an active member of the OPC Foundation since 2001. The OPC Foundation maintains and develops the OPC standards.

OPC UA introduces fundamental architectural changes to earlier OPC specifications. These include e.g. a unified address space model, platform independence, security and scalability. Wapice has contributed to the implementation of the OPC UA stacks and reference implementations.

OPC UA Client
OPC UA Server
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