Kala-Lappi & Wapice: utilizing cutting-edge technology in cold smoking

Kala-Lappi Ltd. has implemented Wapice's IoT-TICKET® application to enable the monitoring of the cold smoking process regardless of time and place. What is achieved is efficiency as well as unique and mouth-watering cold-smoked salmon of uniform quality. Data is collected using WRM247+, an IoT Edge device developed by Wapice.

Cold smoking is a complex art that requires just the right temperature and process to ensure that the fish is well done and of high quality. The process has many stages where timing and temperature are key to a successful outcome.

“Before IoT-TICKET® was introduced, we had to be on site to monitor the process on weekdays, evenings and weekends. Now things are much easier and time savings are significant since the process can be monitored from anywhere and at any time,” says Vesa Lappi, Managing Director of Kala-Lappi.

Wapice's goal is to develop solutions that benefit the customer from day one, with no need to waste time on customised solutions. Kala-Lappi is also a fine example of the flexibility of IoT-TICKET®. The same system can be used by large listed companies and smaller companies, and it is not tied to any particular industry.

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Additional Information:

Kala-Lappi Oy, Vesa Lappi, Managing Director, Tel. +358 45 1569 225
Wapice Oy, Markus Mäkelä, Director of Business Development, Tel. +358 10 277 5014