Agile software development, DevOps consulting and development services

Wapice provides agile software development and DevOps consulting and development services. DevOps is a software production method which ensures that development (Dev) and operations (Ops) go hand in hand in an agile manner. It emphasizes seamless cooperation between developers, testers and operators. In practice, the DevOps system is a collection of technology solutions enabling smooth co-operation.

We offer you the latest DevOps innovations

We at Wapice use certain DevOps tools by default in all software solutions and a large-scale DevOps system when there is a need to develop the system over a long period of time or publish frequent releases. With years of experience, we know exactly what the building of a DevOps pipeline requires whatever the solution – an embedded system, a cloud solution or something in between.


Who is DevOps intended for?

Many DevOps related practices and tools are suitable for all projects without significant additional costs. DevOps can be used for cloud, web, mobile and service applications, where even a large-scale solution will pay itself back quickly.

Even if you decide to develop your software product yourself, we can build a DevOps pipeline or parts of it and train your team in its use. We can also provide you with the necessary tools (e.g. Atlassian product family) and maintain your DevOps system locally or in the cloud.

Contact us and we will help you determine what is the best DevOps solution for your team or product.

Benefits of DevOps

Continuous product releases effortlessly -icon

Continuous product releases effortlessly

Fast throughput of changes -icon

Fast throughput of changes

High quality -icon

High quality

Automatic quality assurance  -icon

Automatic quality assurance

Satisfied development team -icon

Satisfied development team

Excellent scalability of capacity -icon

Excellent scalability of capacity

Technologies used

Automatic testing frameworks

Robot Framework

Continuous integration tools

Bamboo, TeamCity, Jenkins

Infrastructure as code

Salt, Ansible

Containers and orchestration

Docker, Kubernetes

SDK management

Yocto, Vagrant, Maven, Nexus

We Offer

User-centered research

DevOps maturity audit

Benchmark your development chain using our expertise and get a clear roadmap what to focus on next. We also offer further consultation regarding any DevOps related problems, technology evaluations and pipeline design.

User-centered research

DevOps as a service

Let Wapice design, implement and maintain your DevOps pipeline and support your teams using it.

User-centered research

DevOps training

Efficient training sessions are tailored for any target groups including management, developers and stakeholders.

User-centered research

Custom tools & integrations

If the available tools seem not to fit your purpose or integrate perfectly, ask us for a user-friendly custom solution.

User-centered research

Test system design

Test automation is a DevOps cornerstone — doing it right can save man-years of development. We can help you to modernize your software test approaches or create automatic test systems from scratch using our wide experience from embedded platforms to cloud services.

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