Smart Energy Services

It’s all about Smart.

Energy is the same to your customer, no matter where they buy it. For your customer, only the service quality separates your energy company from other energy companies. With Wapice Energy Services, you can build a modular service package that meets both your customers’ and your own needs. You just choose the right amount of Smart.

Scalable, Adaptive Services

Wapice Smart Energy Services is a modular service palette to cover the needs emerging in the energy delivery and consumption field. Our efficient and scalable services grow along with your needs. Refining your operations and customer care with Wapice Energy Services is simple as they are delivered as a seamless part of your other service supply.

Engineer at power station with solar panels and wind turbines

Our energy services provide you with tools ranging from energy consumption reporting to learning AI and IoT solutions. From power plant to power sockets, modules from Wapice Energy Services can be added anywhere.

Wapice Smart Energy Services consist of both Wapice products and customer specific software projects. If the products don’t fit you, the tailored services will.

Application Areas

Data Management

  • Data analytics
  • Meter Data Management
  • Demand Response
  • IAM

Customer Service

  • Wapice Weather
  • Service break messaging
  • AI Predictions
  • EcoReaction

Smart Grid

  • ERP for installations
  • Remote management
  • Monitoring (IoT)
  • Power Outage messaging


  • Monitoring (IoT)
  • Demand Response
  • AI Predictions
  • EcoReaction


  • Nordpool integration

Benefits of Smart Energy Services

Smarter Service -icon

Smarter Service

From our Energy Services you will find both B2C and B2B solutions. Our services range from power plant monitoring and energy trading all the way to end users’ mandatory consumption reporting. From our Energy Services you will find solutions for online services, equipment monitoring, reporting services, artificial intelligence analysis and decision making support tools. Just to name a few.
Tools of trade -icon

Tools of trade

You can compile an energy production monitoring solution as well as statutory consumption reporting from the services. You can build a remote monitoring system for substation equipment. You can also build online customer services and add smart metering correction and validation calculations to them. Our Energy Services respond to the changing needs and demands of your energy customers, decision-makers and other stakeholders.
Open API -icon

Open API

Wapice Energy Services have an open interface. You can use the collected and refined information both in internal reporting and in external services. You can also extend the service by importing information from other systems. A popular example of our API interface is Wapice Weather API, which provides valuable information for consumption and production forecasting.

What We Offer

Online info

Online Services

  • Contract management
  • Invoicing
  • Profiled information

EcoReaction windmills

EcoReaction Services

  • Consumption
  • Goal settings
  • Alarms
  • Distributed production

Electricity pylons

Network data

  • Network break service messaging
  • Component monitoring (IoT)
  • District Heat production control room

Server room

External Data Services

  • Open data API
  • Weather
  • Data warehouse

Smart services

Smart Energy Services

  • Dynamic customer profiling by decision trees
  • Adaptive forecasting
  • Data validation and correction
  • Automated energy trading
  • Demand response
  • Distributed production monitoring

Cloud services

Cloud Services

  • Computing with AWS Lambda and Azure
  • AWS API Gateway
  • Serverless Framework

Businessman with tablet

Open API

  • (Collected and processed) data available for internal reporting and planning

Additional Information