Wapice CAN

Robust Communication Expertise

Wapice’s personnel have been actively using and researching the CAN technology for nearly two decades. We engage in the development of both electronics and software. Wapice currently provides CAN system implementations to a number of large industrial companies.

CAN in automation - logo

Wapice is a member of the CAN in Automation (CiA) development group. CiA is the international users' and manufacturers' group that develops and supports CANopen and other CAN-based higher-layer protocols.

We offer

  • Embedded CAN I/O modules, e.g. CANopen-based (RTOS, Linux)
  • Customer-tailored PC diagnostics/control tools using CAN (Linux, MAC OS X, Windows)
  • Consultation on CAN-based system development like system design challenges
  • Customer-tailored remote diagnostic and management tools
  • Wapice CAN diagnostic tool CANrunner built with the cross-platform Qt toolkit
  • CAN-based control systems

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