Are you ready for the digital era in B2B sales & buying?

B2B sales is undergoing a digital revolution

Several studies show a change in customers’ buying behaviour: information is sought primarily online. Online shopping for complex B2B products and services is also becoming more common!

Business customers expect sellers to act faster and faster, because as consumers we are used to ordering products online with a click of a button. However, the quotation process for B2B products is more complicated from a vendor’s perspective and sometimes requires even days of work! By automating the manual steps of the quotation process, the seller saves time significantly – our customers’ quotation process has shortened even from few days to minutes. As a result the customer gets fast and effortless service they expect.

Wapice has been digitalizing technical sales processes with Summium software solutions for 20 years. Today 2 billion euros of Finnish export products are sold annually through the platform.

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  1. Consultation workshop and needs assessment

    Together we identify the pain points and areas for development in your company’s sales, pricing, and offer calculation. Which of your products will be selected for the demo?

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    Based on the consultation workshop, we will build a demo of your company's products.

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Digitalize your sales process
with Summium® product family

Summium Sales digitalization platform links customer and salesman in one sales process in a completely new way. Create quotes based on requests for quote received from customer - all in one platform.

Customer Using Summium® Selector Quote Request for quote or maintenance Salesperson Using Summium® CPQ Quote Order CRM ERP Quote Customer Using Summium® Selector Salesperson Using Summium® CPQ Quote CRM ERP Order Request for quote or maintenance

Make it easy to request for quotation and order products through Summium® Selector webshop solution. Read more Read more

  • Attract customer
  • Ease buying
  • Sell more

Digitalize your sales by boosting your quote-to-cash process with Summium® Configure, Price, Quote solution. Read more Read more

  • Quote faster
  • Eliminate errors
  • Sell more

“Not our customers but...”

Our products can’t be sold online, they are too complex

Modern webshop platforms also make it possible to purchase complex B2B products and services. The systems have the intelligence and rules to manage a wide range of product variations. The customer can either purchase the products or send a request for quote directly to the seller to make an offer - all in the same system. This automates the entire purchase and offer process!

Check out Wapice's Summium Selector: visit Purso’s product selector where it is possible to send requests for quote for SNEP® luminaire.

Our customers don’t want to buy online

According to surveys, an increasing proportion of time spent in the B2B purchasing process consists of independent customer inquiries, mainly online.1 46% of B2B buyers are dissatisfied with the opportunities companies offer to compare different products and solutions online. Another major source of frustration among buyers is the slow response of sellers to contacts.2

It can therefore be said that customers also buy B2B products online. From the seller’s point of view, this means that the idea of making the purchase easier should be built into the website and the company’s sales practices (buyer enablement).3 The role of sellers, on the other hand, is increasingly shifting in a consultative direction.

Our sellers are used to receiving requests for quote by email and phone

Responding to requests for quote can be challenging as they are sent to the seller’s email in very different formats and with different background information. Customers may not provide enough information about their needs because they don’t know what kind of information is expected of them! In this case, the seller has to make an offer on the basis of incomplete information or find out additional information from the customer.

Both parties win when the request for quote is made in an appropriate way - with needs-based selections!

Is a pdf catalogue not enough to present products?

A typical mistake for B2B companies is to hide their products from customers! An intelligent request for quote tool or online store makes the company's product and service offering more clearly and visually available to the customer.

Through needs-based guiding selections, the customer can be recommended suitable products and services and presented with additional information related to them, such as product brochures, technical specifications or 3D models. In that case, product updates are also available globally in real time.

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“Our sales doesn't need...”

We have made offers just fine with Excel and Word so far

Excel and Word can be used as tools for bidding, especially when the business is small. As operations grow, the number of different versions often increases, their maintenance becomes more difficult, and expertise is personalized, which contributes to slowing down the company's sales growth. The CPQ tool often replaces the Excel and Word tools currently in use and streamlines the quote process.

Our customers have reported the following benefits of implementing the Summium CPQ tool:

  • 12% increase in sales 2 months after the deployment of Summium CPQ
  • Faster quote process and order processing
  • Less manual work and errors
  • Globally unified pricing
  • Uniform quotation policies and documents in the sales channel

Our salespeople are professionals - they can sell any product

Selling B2B products often requires a long experience and technical understanding that easily accumulates for individual veteran vendors. However, modern sales work is not based on individual performance, but successful sales organizations ensure that best practices and product information are available to every salesperson!

With the CPQ tool, the characteristics of the best seller can be duplicated for each seller and reseller. The system has intelligence that guides the seller to the right product area and only allows compatible options to be offered. Product selections can be made based on customer needs: are they asking for engine power or use case?

CPQ? We don't want any separate system, we have ERP and CRM

The CPQ system works seamlessly with other information systems, effectively fulfilling its own role in automating the quote process. In modern systems, flexible integration options are a must!

The Summium CPQ system can be integrated with e.g. ERP, CRM, PDM, CAD or BI systems. In this case, the salesperson has all the necessary information available at one place and the master data can be stored and maintained where it is located.

Production can produce what has been sold

Even top sellers sometimes make mistakes, and the customer may be offered options or product combinations that production doesn’t like. With the help of the CPQ tool, the customer's order can be transmitted unchanged from sales to production, thus minimizing errors - and production is satisfied!

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